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Pregnancy and Postpartum


Quit Now Montana Pregnancy Program and the Montana American Indian Commercial Tobacco Quit Line now offer a combined protocol to deliver culturally tailored programming for pregnant American Indians that ensures a higher amount of support is available to increase the likelihood of achieving cessation during pregnancy and post-partum.

What is included in the program?

To create the AICTP Pregnancy & Postpartum protocol, we incorporated a culturally tailored program for pregnant American Indians along with the cash incentives and post-partum support, which includes:

  • A culturally adapted program for American Indians that respects traditional tobacco while quitting commercial tobacco.
  • A personalized Welcome Packet with educational information about the impact of smoking during pregnancy and benefits of quitting, along with the My Quit Journey self-help guide.
  • Coaching delivered by American Indian Coaches who have knowledge of traditional practices and lived experience in American Indian communities.
  • Up to 10 outbound calls during pregnancy for intensive support with the same coach to successfully quit commercial tobacco use.
  • Four coaching calls postpartum with the same coach for support to prevent return to commercial tobacco use and protect the health of parent and child.
  • Up to 8-weeks of nicotine replacement therapy if authorized by the participant’s health care provider.
  • Up to $320 in financial incentives for completed coaching sessions- $20 for completing calls while pregnant and $30 for completing calls post-partum.

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